About Reno

  • 血液型: A型
  • 誕生日: 6月4日
  • 身    長: 180cm
  • 煙   草: セブンスター・メンソール 5mg
  • 趣   味: お酒、ダーツ
  • 好きな音楽: SIAM SHADE、春畑道哉、SteveVai GaryMoore、EricClapton、DreamTheater
  • Message: No guitar No life

Extra Info:

Band that Reno was in before joining ViViD:
  • Feb 2007 - Sept 2008 :   NoveLis (零乃)
  • 2008 :  株式会社タスキンコ (佐藤)
  • Dec 2008 :    Hi:BRiD (サポート)
  • 2009.04.19 -  2015.04.29 : ViViD

Band history: 

Reno's first known band was NoveLis, who also gained popularity quite quickly in their time. Just like so many other bands in this scene, however, NoveLis wasn't around for a very long time; they were formed in February 2007, and went on activity pause in September 2008. All the members except for the keyboard player 櫻 (Sakura) left the band, which resulted in an indefinite activity pause. Despite the short-livedness of the band, however, they released three maxi-singles, two one-song singles, and a full album.

After NoveLis, Reno was active in a session band called 株式会社タスキンコ (Kabushikigaisha Tasukinko) under the name 佐藤 (Satou), and played in some other session bands such as IV宮Ko-kiの憂鬱 (IV miya Ko-ki no Yuuutsu). For a couple months around December 2008, Reno was also the support guitarist for Hi:BRiD, a band formed by former members of GHOST. Reno left Hi:BRiD to join ViViD in March.

Songs composed by Reno:

2015.01.28 「Single」 「Thank you for all / From the beginning」

2014.02.26 「Album」 「THE PENDULUM」

2014.02.05 「Single」 「光-HIKARI-」

2012.06.27 1st ALBUM 「INFINITY」
  • explosion
  • Music: 零乃

2012.05.16 「Single」 「REAL」

2012.01.11 「Single」 「message」

2011.07.13 「Single」「BLUE」

2011.01.09 「Single」「夢」~ムゲンノカナタ~

2010.07.07 「Single」 PRECIOUS
  • survive
  • Lyric: シン
  • Music: 零乃

2010.02.17 「Single」 Across The Border


2009.07.08 「Single」 Take-off
  • W.B.A
  • Lyric: シン
  • Music: 零乃